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Jan 12, 2013

10 Really Odd Snow Vehicles

This is a list of 10 unusual, strange, vintage and unstoppable snow vehicles from around the earth.


Tucker Trans Antarctic Sno-Cat


The Tucker Sno-Cat is a tracked vehicle or a family of tracked vehicles for snow conditions.

Different models have been used for expeditions in the Arctic and the Antarctic during the second half of the 20th century. It differs from other truck-sized snow vehicles, commonly known as Snowcats, by its use of four independently mounted sets of tracks. (read more at




Bombardier 12 Person Snow Coach

bombardier_01First snowmobile (courtesy Bombardier Inc)

Joseph-Armand Bombardier, inventor of the snowmobile. Like many other inventors, Bombardier first tried as a teenager to realize his idea of an all-terrain vehicle, equally reliable on soft ground (eg, muskeg) or snow. The specific invention that made his machine of 1937 a success was the principle of steering by skis in front of a tracked drive. A decade later, based partly on wartime research, he made a 12-passenger machine, for which there was a small market, chiefly military. (link)

bombardier_02This is a late wood bodied Bombardier B-12 snow bus. Wood bodied Bombardiers were built until approximately 1951 or perhaps 1952 when production switched to metal bodies. (link)



‘Snow-Foot’ Vehicle


When you are having snow over your head and you own just a regular passenger car, there is a solution offered by some company in Kirgizia how to turn any regular car into powerful ‘Snow-Foot’ vehicle. (link)




The Antarctic Snow Cruiser

Antarctic_Snow_Cruiser_01The Antarctic Snow Cruiser - Scale Models (image)

The Antarctic Snow Cruiser was a vehicle designed from 1937 to 1939 under the direction of Thomas Poulter, intended to facilitate transport in Antarctica. While having several innovative features, it generally failed to operate as hoped under the difficult conditions, and was eventually abandoned in Antarctica. Rediscovered under a deep layer of snow in 1958, it later disappeared again due to shifting ice conditions.

Antarctic_Snow_Cruiser_02A cutaway drawing of the Antarctic Snow Cruiser. (image)

The Snow Cruiser was also known as ‘The Penguin’, ‘Penguin 1’ or ‘Turtle’ in some published material. (link)



Ford Model T Snow Vehicle

Ford_T_Model_01Photo from the National Postal Museum

This 1921 Ford Model T was owned by rural mail carrier Harold Crabtree of Central Square, NY. The vehicle is fitted with the “Mailman’s Special” attachment to help it travel through deep snow. (link)






A test Humvee, equipped with four separate tracks for over the snow mobility, is used to support training at the Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport, Calif.



Columbia Icefield Snow Coach


Early snow coach at Athabasca Glacier. With neither suspension, air condtioning, or openable windows this was known as "Shake and Bake".




Vintage Russian Snowmobile


Unfortunately we don’t have any information about this vehicle. But, as it can be seen, it is able to move on the wheels or skis as well.




1949 Tucker Sno Cat


This is a picture of Mike's 1949 Tucker Sno-Cat taken on a day trip in Colorado.



The Snow Chopper


Two government employed mechanics in Antarctica built a "snow chopper" with junkyard parts and trash. The engine and track are from a totaled 1981 Ski-Doo Elan, and everything else from "savvy dumpster diving". This beast cost only $10 to build. (link)



Addition 1:

The Biggest Snow Blower In The World


The Overaasen TV 2000 is one of the biggest snow blower in the world, capable of clearing 12,000 tonnes of snow an hour.




Addition 2:

Snow Vehicle Concept (1924)

The 'Snow Vehicle' made by Armstead Snow Motors in 1924 is able to drive in the deepest snowdrifts with ease. (link)

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Really your publish is actually excellent and that i be thankful. You are writing perfectly that is amazing. I truly astounded by your publish regards.

Guess we should thank all those inventors who were able to produce a mobile that we could use even during wintery or snowy season. Also we should thank all the engineering firms who are providing us sustainable gas and fuel to make these vehicles work. I think most of the countries and cities like the Calgary are using this one to make their way even when there is snow.

Looking at those snow mobile, it seems as though they are all an amphibian vehicles. You know, vehicles that could be used in land and water, I always think of them as an amazing invention especially their wheels and their overall look.

These snow vehicles may look like weird to others, not knowing that these weird vehicles are very functional. These vehicles are a big help in times of snow storms and for cleaning up thick ices on the ground.

Yeah, I wish I had one back in 2011 when an awful snowstorm hit Chicago. The blizzard went on for hours making everyone stranded. A snow vehicle would have been nice during that time.

They sure are odd but I think they are very durable and could stand up running no matter what's the weather condition. Some of the vehicles looks cool it's as if they could also be used even underwater.

I always thought vintage cars (as in those that came out in the 50's) had a quirky look and feel to them. It just feels a tad bit weirder to see them like this; I'd prefer looking at an old GM or ford truck all day than seeing that strange-looking tucker sno cat (though I must admit the snow chopper does look cool).

Those old snow vehicles look great and funny at the same time. There are now improved versions of it and we can see which parts that did not make it.

Seeing these snowmobile designs had me thinking how their maintenance must have been. They're definitely quite the queer-looking vehicles to just be maintained by regular methods.

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